Sunday, June 16, 2019

PegCity Spring League 2019

Blizzards 2004 Boys - PegCity Spring League Champions 2019

Congratulations to our Blizzards 2004 Boys for closing the basketball club season with a championship win. The first two quarters was very close game with adjustment during 3rd quarter the boys able to maintain double digit lead, the Blizzards boys get hot on 3's once their opponent team Eastman Wolverines went consistently into zone. With good ball movement and unselfish basketball plays - the lead wont up to 20 points. Big defensive presence by Ben Penner, Matthew Fredrisken and player of the game Kevin Banuik. The tone was set by good aggressive plays by Marc Roxas and Andrei Capucion. Including good plays coming from Kurt Jordan and Luigi Sulit.

Grade 9 Male Athlete of the Year

Grade 9 Male Athlete of the year (2018-2019)

Miles MacDonell Collegiate

Andrei Capucion one of 3 point guards Blizzards Boys 2004 was awarder by his school as Grade 9 Athlete of the year 2018-2019 Miles Macdonell Collegiate Athletic Banquet. It's a year end celebration of all students who participated in school sports program and then event is to recognize their contribution, achievements in school.

The athlete of the year is one of the major awards given at end of the banquet, recognizing Male and Female from Grade 9, JV and Varsity level.

The award was present by Coach Fred Mighty - JV Basketball Coach. Andrei played in 3 different sports program. He started school sports season as Grade 9 player for Volleyball as Libero after that he tried out at  JV Basketball (he is one of four Grade 9 players selected to play, one of two point guard in the team. He finished his school sports program at JV Badminton player and both participated as Grade 9/JV games.

  He was appreciated by his teammate with good character, hardworking person and leader. In introduction Coach Might said "Even with all his commitments this student athlete he was able to balance his time between athletics and studies, when I reach out to some of his teachers and his teammates to hear how this individual doing in school I was very happy to hear that this young man is averaging close to 100%  throughout his classes"

Coach Fred Mighty and Andrei Capucion - presented by Grade 9 Male Athlete of year award 2018-2019
Miles Macdonell Collegiate Sports Banquet