Monday, December 3, 2018

Champions - 16U boys PegCity League

In the end, we bagged the championship title.

Back in September, our team started with a team building exercise with a goal to win a championship one day.  However, there were challenges along the way.  The old and new players were still uncomfortable with one another.  It reflected on the court as well.

During PegCity League, I have one purpose in mind during the 1st showcase, which was the Magic tournament, that was to give each of the new player the exposure to this level of competition.  We were losing games and coaches and players from other clubs were asking me why I'm doing a 5-in and 5-out with 2- or 3-minute duration per wave.  I have one response to them --- everyone goes to playoffs.

It was not an easy ride for us.  There were players who decided to leave due to playing time, personal reasons and school work. The team is thankful for those who stayed committed and patience and believing in the team.

Fast forward to last showcase... we did upset after upset because we were a low seeded team.  We started cold on all our playoff and finals games.  But the boys became players. They played harder and more intensity as the games gone longer.

With the sound of the buzzer, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!  Great Christmas gift to all the players and the rest of the Blizzards family.


0 - Daniel Monye
2 - Desmond Green
3 - Chale Pinpin 
4 - Ashton Banfiled
7 - Simran Chakal
8 - Marc Roxas
9 - Jireh Castronuevo
10 - Gabriel Dava
11 - Cris Abueg
13 - Liam Tran
14 - McCauley Armishaw
15 - Angelo Samonte
18 - Demetri Danilis
21 - Miguel Leitao
24 - Lani Aremu 
Assistant Coach - Vi Tran
Head Coach - Vince Pinpin
Team Manager - Julie Banfield
Social Manager - Vio Tran
Blizzards Overall Head - Ruel Maranan

Special thanks for the participation of:
Ariel Kasztan
Christian Tamargo
Jordan Fehr

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