Who We Are

We are basketball club team from Winnipeg, Canada. Our club is non-profitable basketball club aim to grow the sports thru volunteerism.

Winnipeg Blizzards Basketball Club – History

The basketball club was founded 2010 the following group of friends led by Ruel Maranan, Victor Santyo, John Aaron, Al Sansano, Ronald Millan, Treavor Stevenson, Jun Tabing, Gil Salunga, Richard Tamundong, Sony Valera, Mando De Leon and Ben San Jose.

The objective is to provide, organize basketball team club for their own children in less expensive way. The families and friends who wish to joined the club does not need to go try out, they gather players from invites of family/friends referrals. There is no registration cost involve in joining the club team, fees and other expenses like uniforms, gyms, tournament & league fees are divided in their respective division/teams.  Basketball fundamentals and coaching is being led by Head Coach Ruel Maranan, but most of the time being handled by volunteered Coach/Parents.

In 2015 the club was revitalized thru the efforts of Arnold Capucion / a volunteered coach of 2004 team, including adding the first female blizzards basketball team in August 2023 - born 2010 girls.

Right now, the club offers several divisions for minor/competitive basketball from ages 10 up to ages 17.
Divisional Play is from ages 10 to 16, and runs from U10 up through the U17 – all divided by Boys and Girls . All games are played within the Winnipeg, tournaments (location varies)

Practices are generally one time per week, held in several locations. Practice dates and times are not published until closer to the start of the season in mid-October as we get players registered, teams arranged and know how many teams we need to book in the gyms.

Games can be played in gyms and facilities all throughout Winnipeg. Schedules will be posted and kept updated through the PBA Winnipeg or MWBL website – please check their website regularly throughout the playing season.

Uniforms. A Uniform is required for divisional play (U10 – U17) and must be ordered separately from registration

What division will your child play in?

  • U11 - born 2012
  • U12 - born 2011
  • U13 - born 2010
  • U14 - born 2009
  • U15 - born 2008
  • U16 - born 2007
  • U17 - born 2006

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